Welcome to Unlistd, our second home!

Our goal is to:

  • Do amazing hair!

  • Listen, ask questions,
    be honest about expectations & give suggestions based on our professional experience

We promise to:

  • Be eco responsible with GCS and offer natural product alternatives

  • Promote loyalty, referrals and reviews with our point system!

  • Continue our education and pass it on to you!



Our Main Squeeze

Screen Shot 2018-11-22 at 5.33.01 PM.png

Level 5/Certified Colorist
Salon Owner


Level 4/Certified Colorist



Our Independant Bffs

These girls are their own boss & do their own bookings but work along side us!


Nail Artist/Manicurist of @paloooza Nails


Makeup artist/ Lash Tech/Microblading





Q. Who specializes in _____?

A. All our team is well versed in all things cut and color, for specialties you are best to  check out each stylists work via their Instagram and decide for yourself who seems to have the style you are looking for!

Q. Do you cut curly hair? What about all curl types?

A. All of our team is comfortable working with curls! We all have steady clients that have wavy hair all the way to spiral curls. If you are very picky or specific about your needs I would suggest not booking our junior Lou, just out of principle she has less experience. However she has curly hair herself so she knows what’s important regardless.


Q. Do you have any vegan/cruelty free products?

A. yes, we are expanding our offerings of vegan and cruelty free products so just make sure to tell us before your appointment your preference!


Q. Is it possible to give me an *exact* number for what my color appointment will cost?

A.  We would love to be able to predict the future, unfortunately hair is unpredictable! Instead we can give you an estimate, if you need more precision, your in luck because we offer consultations with test strands so we can see how your hair will react!  They are just 20$ or 20% deposit on your appointment!


Q. Is it possible to book an appointment for this week? for today? for now?

A. We would love to serve everyone available ASAP, however we are a small team and we each have two hands! This is why we suggest booking in advance. You can always call and let us know you want to be notified if we get any cancellations!


Q. Why does each stylist have their own pricing?

A. our pricing model is beneficial for accommodating most budgets but can be confusing! It’s based on demand, experience, education and how booked in advance each stylist is!

that being said, our junior is cheapest not because she is terrible, but because she’s still building her clientele, we would never put anyone behind the chair that isn’t trained both in school and with us for at least a year!


Q. Is a blow dry included in all services?

A.  The only services that have the blow dry built in are haircuts. Please book for a blow dry if you want one after your colouring service


Q. Do you do perms? 

A. yes, MJ does perms.  email her at mj.styliste@gmail.com!


Q. Do you do keratin treatments?

A. that service is not offered at this salon






Weddings/Special Events

Let us do your hair in salon or in the comfort of your home!