How to Care for Your Hair in the Winter

Winter can really do a number on your hair, the dry air indoors clashing with the harsh cold outside can really damage your hair causing split ends. Your hair care routine should really change with the season to accommodate the elements. Here are a few tips to follow depending on your hair type!

Fine Hair :

  • While fine hair usually lacks protein, winter might make it thirsty for moisture
  • To help lock in moisture, we suggest a lightweight moisturizing mask weekly to fight off the dryness
  • Make sure you use a detangling spray, we recommend Design Me’s Fab Me
  • If you are really prone to split ends, use a serum to seal in moisture. A few we trust are: AG’s Repair serum or  Design.Me Fab me + Gloss.Me

Medium Hair :

  • Medium hair has a tendency to lack both protein and moisture
  • It’s best to use a heavier moisturizing mask for the winter season
  • You’ll definitely want to follow it up with a moisturizing lotion, then apply oil once you are out of the shower!
  • This last step locks in moisture and helps prevent it from drying out in the harsh winter air

Thick Hair :

  • Thick hair is usually on the dry side, expect it to be more brittle during the cold season
  • Opt for a mask instead of a conditioner so you cash in on that extra moisture every shampoo!
  • Use a leave-in cream like Frizz Dismiss Rebel Tame to detangle and style
  • We suggest using a heavier oil like Argan Oil  to really seal in the moisture afterwards

For everybody :

  • If you use hot tools (blowdryer included) ALWAYS use a heat protecting spray, cream or serum
  •  Please, avoid going out with wet hair!! It can really damage your cuticles and crack off your ends!
  • Air dry indoors when you can
  • If your hair is prone to static, using a balancing leave-in spray like Fab Me can help or carry around a sheet of bounce (it works!!)
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