Why We Encourage Loyalty

Loyalty is the most valuable commodity in this industry.


It is said that the average salon has just a 23% repeat business. So you can imagine why building a clientele is near impossible. 

It’s no surprise that many large retailers offer loyalty systems. if salons have such low retention, you could imagine a pharmacy or retailer that is price competing for the exact same goods.

We are proud to say we have a client retention rate of about 72%. This is a huge achievement! You like us, you really like us! However, we know this isn’t luck. There are a few things we keep in mind to ensure you will want to see us again. We value client feedback, leave plenty of room for constructive criticisms and consistently check it with clients throughout an appointment. We love to take the time to help educate our clients whether it’s through Instagram, our actual services or retailing the best hair care for you at home. We encourage referrals by rewarding them because word of mouth truly is the best advertising and guess what? That is worth $ for us. The same way something like tagging us in social media selfies and leaving a review helps us just as much as paying us.

This is why without hesitation we enthusiastically said “YES!” when salon SOS approached us to have a loyalty system. We were struggling for a way to reward our regulars, as most promotions put out are for new clients. It is important we tell our loyal Unlistd babes that we value YOU.

So if you aren’t already a loyalty member, please sign up HERE. We would LOVE to have you!

You know we are already one of your fav salons, so why not?

Every season we change our offering from as little as 5 loyalty points you can earn for rewards!

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