What Should I Look For In a Hair Tool?

The Wet Brush : 

  • Your best friend when detangling your hair
  • Amazing for both fine & thick hair
  • Prevents breakage by having flexible bristles that can’t snag knots
  • Even curly hair can benefit from it to brush through treatments in the shower!
  • You can even use it to brush through a pigmented color mask such as ColoLabo

Pro tip : keep the box so you can store it in it when travelling ! This way, the bristles don’t get bent!

The Round Brush : 

  • Is great for creating volume (2 inch is the size to look for)
  • Boar bristles are best for curly hair type that need a lot of tension to blowdry smooth
  • Brushes of 1 inch or less are best suited for short hair

Pro tip : look for a round brush that doesn’t have any cracks or creases where the handle meets the brush to avoid hair pulling

The Blow Dryer : 

  • Look for 1875 watts: that is professional grade strength
  • Look for a blowdryer that has controls for speed and heat
  • Ionic is best for smooth & shine
  • Always use with a nozzle to make your drying more efficient !
  • Aim for a light blowdryer, usually under 4lbs to not break a sweat !

The Straight Iron : 

  • Super versatile ! You can straighten, curl and wave with it!
  • Make sure you buy a ceramic iron with heat control
  • Don’t set above 350 degrees if your hair is colored
  • Up to 450 degrees is okay for thick, curly hair if you don’t do it daily

The Curling Iron or Wand : 

  • Great if you want movement and have naturally straight hair
  • The most versatile size is 1-1.5 inch
  • This way, if you want small curls, you take small sections! For bigger waves, use bigger sections!


  • Invisibobble : no crease hair elastic with great hold!
  • Bobby pin kit : perfect for all your needs in one place !
  • Shower cap : helps protect that precious blowout or style while showering
  • Microfiber towel : must have to protect from frizz & useful to have as a designated hair towel, so you don’t stain any other one!
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