We Chat Beauty with Kelsey!

A Beauty Chat with Kelsey


I called up fellow hair stylist, Kelsey during my break to ask her some of my personal questions and some client requests. She’s deep cleaning her apartment so we both chat through headphones while she rummages and I type away.


Nothing screams unpredictable in our discussion as she hasn’t strayed too far from her emo pop punk inspiration of then. It’s because of this that I relate to her so well!


Here’s our fun chat that dives into everything from our past beauty regrets to our currents obsessions:Kelsey


Apple: What is the first beauty trend you tried?

Kelsey: Winged liner or emo hair! Can’t remember which first but I know I wanted to be “alternative”. Apparently my eye liner attempt was terrible because Esther, my locker neighbor actually looked at me and asked if I needed help learning how to use eye liner! She meant well but It’s pretty telling of how good I was off the bat. 


A: Define the moment you realized you wanted to look different?

K: My older brother had a big influence on my attraction to the alternative. He was into pop punk, skateboarding, etc. and his friends always being over was like a major inspo for me. It was perfect timing because Avril Lavigne was the IT girl and I started wearing ties, bought a skateboard and decided then and there, this was me! I thought I knew how to cut my own layers but [my brother’s] Warped Tour girlfriend at the time took me into her own hands.  I watched her cut and picked up my first hair cutting skills from her. She was def DIY-ing it but it worked and soon enough I was cutting my friends hair and well. You know the rest!


A: Worst trend you tried?

K: Full straight bangs…ugh. I took the section from so far back, not realising they would end up so thick and hell to grow out. My mom commented “ Oh you cut your bangs again.” I immediately regretted it and proceeded to bobby pin them with a part right in the middle. Maybe that is actually worse than the bangs, not sure! 


A: First hair colour adventure?

K: Grade 4, my step-mom wanted to win me over by bringing me for hot pink CHUNKY STREAKS! I felt cool as fuck but looking back it was obvious stripes. Luckily they didn’t last too long.


A: What trend did you want to follow but never did?

K: I always wanted to add in extensions to my overly layered hair. I was always told, “no it’s too expensive.” Which looking back I get it now!


A: If you could change anything about your hair now, what would it be?
K: I wish my hair waved more when it was long. Past a lob it falls flat, so I don’t bother.


A: Who did you want to look like when you started experimenting with hair/makeup?
K: Hailey from Paramore! 


A:Describe a time you probably looked crazy?
K: Definitely the time I went to my music class and the teacher said “ I see you got into your mom’s makeup.” I was 8 and probably thought it was low key.


A:The most common comment you get about your look?
K: You look like autumn! Or can I get a photo of your hair to show ______!?


A: What did you used to hate about yourself that you love now?
K: My waves!! I was a slave to the straightener but I haven’t touched one for myself in forever.


A: Current trend obsession?
K: Eye shadow! All about those Anastasia palettes right now! I don’t change my hair often but my eyeshadow does on the regular!


A: Where’s your next holiday?
K: Europe. Paris, road tripping open ended for 4 days then Madrid and Málaga.


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