Getting Back to a New Normal

As you might have noticed on our Instagram we are in the midst of a shift towards a low/non toxic, slower beauty experience.

We are excited to announce our changes as we know you will appreciate the new normal just as much as us.

We just recently ordered a professional salon air purifier that will make us the first clean air salon in Montreal. This just means that we will all breathe fresh air as opposed to chemical filled air when colors or bleaches are processing. A bonus to being certified is that the Zone 2 purifier also kills airborne viruses 🙂

Aside from this big step, we are shifting the way we service new and existing guests.

Here is how…

1: New clients require a consultation first 

This helps us get to know you better and enables us to focus solely on your hair at the service appointment. We must admit that rushed consultations often make rushed appointments with less than perfect results.

The consultations will be paid and take 45 or 75 minutes depending on if it is for cut or color.

Cut consults will cover all things hair care, cut & style while the color consults have added time for allergy & strand tests.

This nice time slot allows us to sit with some tea/coffee and chat about your past experiences, your current hair routine and ultimately make a plan together that is as unique as you.

Aside from the in depth consultation, included is our hair care zine “how to take care of your hair like a pro” and a home care card detailing your hair specifics and our suggested routine. We can’t expect you to remember everything 😉

You will leave this consultation excited for your next appointment and full of tips that will empower you to take better care of your hair! You’ll even wonder why no one else has offered you this service!

*Existing clients returning post covid for color will receive a loyalty discount on this service. Please understand that this is necessary for us to assess any changes that happened during covid, any budget restraints going forward, as well as the perfect opportunity to start fresh and possibly change your current look 🙂

2: No more double booking for a better experience

Whether or not the government will implicate client maximums or booking guidelines post Covid, we’ve long realized that booking appointments in other clients processing time has a 50% failure rate. It either works seamlessly or stresses everyone out.

We really do believe that this fresh restart can be used to set a new tone in the workplace. It’s an unfortunate norm that hairstylists rarely get breaks nor a lunch time but we know this doesn’t have to be the only way. While it’s not realistic to book in breaks and lunch times ahead of time, we do know that processing times can be used to properly disinfect, clean up and recharge.

The biggest issue with not double booking is potentially losing income when clients no show, book the wrong service or cancel last minute. Not double booking will lower the amount of clients we do in a day, so if 1 doesn’t show up we take a bigger hit.

The best solution for us is to use a booking system that safely saves your credit card info which enables us to better enforce our cancellation policy.

Similar to booking at a spa our policy will be as follows:

  • At least 48 hours notice = no fee for cancelling/rescheduling
  • Less than 48 hours notice = a 50% cancellation fee for cancelling/rescheduling
  • No Notice = Full payment of services booked
  • Late Arrivals will be charged the full service whether or not the full service can still be done

3: Finally a simplified price menu!

With all the hair color trends changing almost weekly, we understand how confusing it can be to book the right service. The fine line between a balayage and highlights are now blurred, so we’ve chosen to simplify.

Our price menu now has 2 categories: Flat Rate & Hourly.

  • The flat rate services are for maintenance & refresh services
    example: cuts, root or full color refreshes.
  • The hourly rate will be for anything outside of that, balayages, full bleaches, creative colors and makeovers.

This new format is meant to simplify the service menu and make booking the wrong service a thing of the past. We’ve found that working on such a variety of hair textures, lengths and thickness’s often meant the expected service times and prices couldn’t be respected. This will eliminate any discrepancies.

This also means that if you haven’t pre booked or haven’t been back in over 8 weeks you will need to call in to chat with your stylist about what you want done so we can book it appropriately.


We know that change can be scary and the world as we know it has changed. But we truly believe that the normal we knew shouldn’t be normal.

We want to thank you for supporting our new healthier, safer, normal that truly is better for everyone.

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