FAQ: What is Low Maintenance Color


First off, let’s break off the myth that a low maintenance color is a no maintenance color! 

We’ve divided up the various color services to give you pointers on how to care for your hair & what to expect as far as maintenance goes!

Full color :

  •  A simple root to tip color should be upkept every 6-7 weeks, The end’s may need to be refreshed every 2-3 Months.
  • Keep in mind, the more you use hot tools or wash your hair, the faster your color will fade!
  • The best tip for people who wash their hair daily or use a lot of hot tools (or both!) is to use a color depositing mask at home in between your color refresh appointments ! We suggest the our favorite line: Colo Labo as we can also customize your color/tone!


Highlights :

  • For the roots we suggest every 2-3 months, this give us enough root to work with, so we don’t overlap sections and cause damage
  • To upkeep the toner, we suggest a color depositing shampoo or mask.  You may also come in for a gloss every 2 months to prevent fading, brass or unwanted golden tones.


Balayage :

    • A balayage is typically touched up every 3 to 6 months 
    • A gloss or toner should be done however every 2-3 months to keep your color on point if you are not using a color depositing mask at home ! We suggest Colo Labo’s PL1 for blondes and BR3 for brunettes! And a custom tone can be made for vivids!


Platinum Blonde :

  • This one is the highest maintenance! Refreshing every 5-6 weeks is ideal, because yellow starts coming in at week 7 & 8, and makes it harder to keep the blonde even.
  • Platinum blondes should use a blue/violet shampoo as well as a color depositing mask at home, biweekly or monthly, depending how often hot tools are used and hair is washed!

    Any other Questions? Book online for a consultation 🙂
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