Scalp Massage Brush


Why we love it?:It’s like a head massage in the comfort of your shower 😉 It’s also the best way to get the best results with your no foam cleansers!

From Hairstory: Want to enhance your scalp care by stimulating blood flow, removing buildup from styling products, or simply enjoying a relaxing massage?

Make your New Wash ritual more soothing, relaxing, and more effective, especially if you struggle with oiliness or rinsing New Wash completely using only your fingers. The silicone bristles of your scalp massage hair brush are soft enough to feel great – yet stiff enough to do the job. The flexible bristles promote blood circulation for more vigorous hair growth and less hair loss, remove dandruff and impurities, and protect the scalp from fingernails. The scalp massage brush is highly recommended for new travelers on the shampoo-free journey.