Lightweight Blowdry Lotion


Redken Satinwear 04

In Unlistd words: the most lightweight blowdry lotion that will help your hair glide through the brush, yet hold whatever flexible style you give it

Use it if you need softness, shine and a small amount of smoothing. Less is more as usual

From their website:
The first step of getting an everyday perfect blow dry is this heat protecting blow dry lotion that preps hair for a fast and easy blow-out with silky smooth results. Satinwear 04 protects against hair color fading and everyday hot tool use up to 450 degrees. This hair lotion is perfect if you want to protect from harmful heat temperatures.


  • Lightweight lotion protects from heat up to 450ºF/232°C
  • Controls frizz and adds satiny smoothness
  • Reduces friction and helps prevent breakage
  • With Heat Restyling Technology so you can apply once and restyle endlessly
  • Ideal for blow drying