Afterworld Organics Texture Mist Volumizer


Why we love it:Lightweight non drying texture spray. Better than typical sea salt spray formulas this doesn’t leave you dry nor sticky! Perfect for refreshing your bed head on day 2-3+

About the formula: Atlantic sea salt and Polyquat 20 work together to increase texture and volume while hydrating the hair.  Polyquat-a powdered extract made from plant cell fibers- binds moisture to the hair, acting as a barrier against the drying nature of the sea salt. It also increases curl retention, making it great for air drying curls after cleansing, or to refresh limp, dry hair. The result is that “lived in” look with a uniquely powdery finish —allowing it to be layered on the hair day after day without ever feeling sticky, tangly or stiff.  We combine vanilla extract, vetiver, and sweet orange into a scent that is best described as sex magic.


INGREDIENTS: distilled water, Atlantic sea salt, polyquat 20, aloe leaf extract, vanilla extract, essential oil blend of bergamot, vetiver, vanilla, and lemon.

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