Afterworld Organics Moisture-Lock Serum


Why we love it: The most performing natural leave in curl product we have yet to discover! Defines curls without making them sticky!

About the formula: Moisture Lock is both a natural leave-in hydrator and a memory sensing serum that works as gel on curly hair, and as a blow-dry tool on straight hair. Utilizing a powerful, hydrating plant fiber extract, it eliminates frizz and adds hold and shine to curls. Easy to use, silicone-free,, and scented with a gorgeous plume of geranium, lavender, and cedarwoord. Moisture Locks versatility and low-tox ingredients is what makes it one of our best sellers.

4oz available.

INGREDIENTS: distilled water, polyquat 20, sodium benzoate, essential oil blend of geranium, lavender, and cedarwood.