Afterworld Organics Desert Dust Dry Shampoo


Why we love it: Extremely light weight and safe for the scalp! Tap it in, brush it through and blowdry it out for best results

Desert Dust is a blend of organic powders that acts both as a dry shampoo and body duster. Formulated for both skin and scalp, it absorbs oil and moisture while eliminating bacteria and odors. It’s great on hot days, after workouts or shaving, and on irritated skin. Desert Dust can also be used on babies in place of talc that contains aluminum. Our blend of clary sage and clove essential oil has gentle anti-microbial benefits. Sprinkle onto hands, body, or directly on scalp. Gently rub to distribute.

INGREDIENTS: arrowroot powder, kaolin clay, baking soda, essential oil blend of clary sage and clove

Available in 2oz or 4 oz