Our Post Covid Price Increase is ACTUALLY a Good Thing

As you have probably noticed we never do things for the sake of doing them, or because everyone is doing it.

The Post Covid world is different. And not only that, but some of the required protocols will be here to stay.


We have shifted the shortest haircut time to 45 minutes.

Clipper cuts this means : we have time to add a massage and rinse before the blowdry and products
Long hair this means: You can use this for a dry cut option. No wash or blowdry just a trim, adjustments and finished with an iron for full effect.

Color appointments: 
No more double booking in processing times. This means more time to service you, help you with any hair issues & just an overall less stressful environment.

The only time we will double booking will be re-instated is when we are legally able to do so and ONLY with those stylists who will have their own assistant.

In order to make up for the paid processing times we have included more things in our color packages: Trims or treatments, sometimes olaplex or extra tubes of color. This makes it an “all in one” service instead of a la carte. Making it more likely that we have the time to do everything you need.

Aside from timing and pricing we have taken this “time off” to educate ourselves, re focus our values and offer more to not only you but our stylists.

Aside from a cleaner space, masked stylists and gloves…
Here’s a list of some of our improvements that everyone will benefit from:

  • Clean Air Certification (air filters that remove the chemicals, viruses & toxins found in our salon air)
  • Ping (Fume free color mixing that’s been shown to increase the volume of bleach/color giving us more bang for our buck)
  • Biodegradable gloves from a local Quebec company!
  • Our Shampoo station is now completely cruelty free, with non toxic, natural and vegan options!
  • We’ve replaced a large part of our retail line with independent companies that match our values! (Hairstory and Afterworld Organics)
  • We have added extra health benefits for our employees with an HSA account! (on top of their Dialogue telemedicine benefits)
  • Our loyalty app is now integrated right into our Vagaro booking app, so no more need to have 2 apps, nor keep track!
  • Once our current bleach has been used we will be switching to an ammonia free version.
  • We are also switching over some of our color line to be ammonia, ppd and resorcinol free. (Better for you, us and the environment too!)
  • 7 days a week service, 5 nights a week for a large scope of availability.
  • 2 Juniors now available for those who are tight on a budget right now.
  • We will soon announce Sliding Scale pricing days for those who’s income was affected from covid or any other reason.
  • We’ve also invested in a new accountant/bookkeeper/ financial coach to help us get out and stay out of the messy debt that covid brought on. This increases the chances of  job security for our stylists as well as makes sure we don’t drive ourselves out of existence :O

There may be a few more but you get the idea 😉

We really don’t take it lightly that you continue to support us, and as always we promise to do better every chance we get.


xx Apple


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