#MotivationMonday : A Beauty Chat with Apple

I am kicking off our monthly #MotivationMondays with a short intro 🙂

My purpose with this monthly series is to showcase our team as well as the variety of clientele we have.

Apple Hair

How beauty plays an important roll in our lives will be at the forefront. From self esteem to self expression, I see the routine of beauty as a self actualizing ritual & not just a following of dictated trends.

On days where I feel down on myself, it’s easy for me to think ” I am just a hairdresser, enforcing the idea that beauty is physical and dictated by trends/companies trying to cash in.”

However, I see the magic that happens when people actively chose to transform their appearance and recreate themselves over and over again. From the natural clients to the rainbow coloured mermaids, we are all choosing to value our beauty, our ideas and how we present ourselves to the world. Because looking good = feeling good.

It’s never been about fitting in for me. It’s about finding myself, playing with colours shapes and silhouettes to find what feels good. Ultimately defining beauty for myself while inviting others to do the same.

From the little girls that look at my hair in awe, to the grandma’s at the pharmacy showing approval, my hair inspires, sparks up discussions and helps me express my inside feelings, outside!

Growing up, I started experimenting with makeup late in elementary. It was the white eyeliner trend that got me! My cousin suggested it and instantly upon application, seeing how it changed my look had me hooked.  I started experimenting more regularly in high school with box dyes and eyeshadow palettes. I found something about it to be revealing. The comments people gave whether good or bad were always telling of how THEY see things. A brown eyeshadow was surprisingly seen as gothic to a male classmate, while I felt it was a completely understated look. Instead of taking this as a diss, I shrugged it off because it was for me and no one else.

One thing that always struck me was how many girls didn’t feel confident enough to even try having fun with makeup, the idea you have to be good at something in order to do it right. But I’ve always seen the practice of beautifying as a way of building confidence. Not the opposite.

Practicing doing your hair or make up is a process that builds confidence. Sometimes you need to wear the eyeshadow imperfectly, or fix a mess up quickly. How you deal with it is a direct reflection of how you deal with everyday life. The daily practice of hair/makeup is proof that repetition breeds skill and ultimately confidence.

Removing the expectation is always the key to letting yourself play & explore.



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