Our Space

 In 2012 I  started Unlistd in my apartment thinking I could do better than anywhere I’d worked before.

I craved a place to explore my creativity and self expression without going the traditional route. For me a beauty salon should be fun and most importantly human.

Fast forward to today and it’s not just me in my apartment, but a team of professionals who feel the same as I did then.

                                                                                  – xox Apple

We believe in radical authenticity.

Because it’s honest, it’s messy, it’s real.

We aren’t here to pretend we have all the answers or that we save lives.  But we do know that when we empower you to feel good, we inspire others to do the same.

From short to long, grey to colored, whatever your truth is… if it’s youwe know you’re inspiring someone out there. 

And that to us is success!

We practice betterment

Just like you we have that tiny voice always nagging us to do better…

Thankfully this voice has helped us:

  • Recycle all our beauty waste
  • Become MTL’s first Clean Air Salon
  • Implement a loyalty program
  • Offer health benefits to employees
  • Offer career paths not just jobs
  • Natural/non toxic/vegan product
  • Use onling booking and text!

..Who knows what’s next!

Our Team

Level 4
Certified Colorist / Stylist
Owner of UNLISTD

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Level 4
Certified Colorist

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Level 2
Junior Stylist / colorist

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Level 2
Certified Colorist

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Junior / assistant

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Junior / assistant

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Nail artist / Manicurist of @palooza Nails


Makeup artist / Lash Tech / Microblading

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