It’s Not Just You, We’re All Going Natural!

Hello Beautiful People,


Let’s talk about natural hair products! It’s something that has been around for as long as people have decided to wash their hair, but in recent years it has seemed to be the go to for most everyday people. From your mom to your favourite influencer, more people are reaching for and are more comfortable with the idea of organic products in their hair. For myself, I can never decide if I want to be a bleach blonde babe or a dark and mysterious witchy woman. Every few months my stylist curses my name as I bring my thick hair into her salon and declare I want the exact opposite of what I have. This means chemicals, chemicals to go lighter, chemicals to go darker. After putting my hair through all of that I want to tend to it like a baby and only use the most gentle products when I wash and style. I buy natural products out of love and out of guilt. 


I’m not alone in this, according to a 2019 survey on statista.com 37% of American consumers surveyed wanted to buy organic hair products and 32% already buy organic hair products that is almost 70% of consumers having or wanting natural products in their hair. That’s huge! I think it’s safe to say with numbers that big this is not a trend and is here to stay. In every way society is trying to become more environmentally friendly, big companies and governments are stepping in to do their part. Low chemical, more natural is the way of the future, so if you are already on board with us, then your future is looking bright!


Until next time, stay authentically you!


<3 Shelby

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