How To: Tell a Hairstylist You’re Disappointed

It’s not easy to take space and admit being disappointed in someone or in a service.

The hair world is such a sensitive area for feedback. Not only are you paying for products, time and a service, BUT a specific artists service/art. It’s easy for colorists or stylists to take feedback personal because, well, you are judging their work. However fostering long term relationships in this industry is so important and this is why we need the feedback.

We put a big importance on feedback during and even after our appointments because without the discussion, we cannot know what you don’t tell us. So we take the responsibility to ask and you have the responsibility to tell 🙂

Now hair is a personal thing. If you aren’t happy with your hair you may become frazzled, upset, nervous, anxious or mixed up in general. This makes it hard to know where to start when trying to communicate dissatisfaction.

We are setting out to simplify for you so that you don’t need 1000 word essay and we can both end feeling happy!

1: Stay Human

Thank your stylist for their hard work, for taking the time to try and perfect your desired look. Acknowledge that they’ve tried their best.

2: Get Specific

Express what factor you feel uncertain about? The color, a section, the shape? Perhaps the first time washing it? Be specific so we can know exactly how to fix or solve the issue!

3: Be Open & Flexible

Ask our opinion on the best route to solve this specific issue. Be open to our feedback as sometimes we may have mentioned its a 2-3 step process. Try and think back to the consultation, did you possibly use the word ashy but you meant not yellow? etc

Remember that no stylist EVER has purposely mixed the wrong color knowing it would give bad results.

Remember that not everything is in our control. We cannot predict the future. We work solely based off of our education, experience and gut feeling.

Every appointment we have to understand a new canvas, its history, what you like/don’t like, and then attempt to deliver the best results from those feedbacks. The more we get to know you and your hair, the better the results long term.

So it can look something like this:

Hey _______ (Stylists Name),
I wanted to reach out to tell you how grateful I am that you spend 4+ hours to help me get my dream hair. Since leaving the salon I noticed _________________ (specific issue). I’d love your opinion on if this is a normal part of the process and if so can anything be done because its really bothering me. I look forward to hearing back from you, I’m open to any feedback you have 🙂

Boom! Simple as that 🙂

Any questions? Leave them below!

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