How to: Find a Damn Playlist!

Spotify & Chill…

Music moves us, grooves us and soothes us, but finding the right Spotify playlist that pleases everyone can be a real chore. Some people prefer hip hop, others want to chill out to some ambient sounds and there are even some who want to sport their favourite cowboy hat while blasting new country through the speakers. Though no matter what your music drug of choice we all have the same dilemma, how do you find more of it? How do you find more artists to love and more playlists to blast when your friends are over? Don’t worry, we got you covered with a few of our favourite playlists and tips on how to find more.


Favourite TV Show = Favourite Playlist?

Want to know our secret for sourcing out our new favourite music? We look to our favourite TV shows! There are so many amazing shows out there that we all binge on a weekly basis and depending on what you are into, a lot of these shows are finding underground artists that fit the mood just right. There are also a few shows with a more old school vibe that are digging up bands that might be stuck hiding way in the back of your brain. The best part of all of this? With digital marketing in full force, everything is everywhere. Your favourite show has an instagram account, a youtube channel and yes, even a Spotify playlist.


So what are we watching/listening to? Glad you asked! High Fidelity starring Zoe Kravitiz which was a movie starring John Cusak which was a book written by Nick Hornby is at the top of our list. This Starz original series (Canadians can find it on Crave) is about a bitter music obsessed record store owner. The playlist embodies this perfectly with how well rounded and complex it is. Full of heartbreak, angst, punk, soul, old school, new school. 

Ifyou need a playlist that hits on every level and pleases everyone at your next BBQ, we highly recommend throwing this 8 hour mix on and enjoying the vibe. Need something a bit more 2020 with good flow and new blood? For both mu

sic and TV you should check out the HBO original, I May Destroy You. The show itself cuts through all the bull sh*t and complexity of surviving in this world and the playlist delivers the same. If you are having a day and you want to just through on a playlist that gets it, this is what you need. Lastly, what would the world be without RuPaul? RuPaul’s Drag Race is a cultural phenomenon. We all watch it, we all love it. Something you might not know however, there is a Spotify playlist for every song ever lip synced in the final showdown of each episode. If you are looking for a good time, if you are looking to dance the night away alone or with friends, if you need something blasting over the speakers while you pop another bottle of champagne, this is what you need to put on.


So there you have it! Our favourite shows which leads us to our new favourite bands/artists. Hope this has helped you on your never ending quest for fresh tunes and assist you in perfecting the never ending soundtrack to your life!


Till the next one, please stay authentically you 





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