How to: Clarify Your Hair & Why

There are tons of different shampoos on the market, and it can be hard to know which ones are worth buying. It’s overwhelming and too much for us to process in our already busy lives! However, the shampoo you choose to care for your beautiful hair is an important one. This is why we want to make sure you are not overlooking one of the most important types of shampoo, clarifying shampoo! 

If you are not already familiar, then get ready to meet your new bff. A clarifying shampoo is, in essence, a deep clean for the hair, it gets rid of excess build up and unwanted deposits! It achieves this by being made with deeper cleaning agents and a slightly more alkaline pH – so it’s definitely not meant to be used on the daily!

We are going to break down for you, the benefit for each hair type using a clarifying shampoo. For all hair types this shampoo should be used every once in a while, usually when your scalp starts to get itchy, when your hair feels weighed down and heavy, or when it starts to get greasy too fast! Depending on how much styling products you use, and how your hair feels, we’d recommend using a clarifying shampoo once or twice a month. 

Side note: Remember to always buy a professional clarifying shampoo! A professional shampoo will be gentle but effective, as well as being safe on coloured hair! 

However, do avoid clarifying shampoos if you wash your hair daily, if you don’t really use any hair products, if you have bright, funky colored hair and/or if your hair is severely damaged!

We also recommend always using a conditioner (or even better, a mask!) after using a clarifying shampoo to rebalance the oils post clean!

Here are our clarifying tips and tricks for your hair type:

Fine hair :

  • Porosity issues and volumizing products can cause buildup!
  • Not all buildup washes away with colour safe, gentle shampoos 
  • Missing protein naturally, fine hair is more likely to absorb minerals and chemicals from the water, which has a tendency to throw off the pH balance of your hair
  • Fine hair is the only type that could use a clarifying shampoo weekly, and only if you use a lot of products, or regularly go to the swimming pool 

Medium/Thick hair :

  • Clarifying shampoo will help remove silicones and excess oils from the surface of the hair
  • Contrary to popular belief, it’s important to strip the hair surface clean because a lot of hair products leave a film behind to seal in moisture & keep humidity out
  • If never stripped clean, the products build on top of each other and a lot of residue if left, which after a while prevents hydration from penetrating the hair. 


Curly hair : 

  • Curls can benefit from a clarifying shampoo because they are a hair type that usually uses a lot of products that leave a lot of residue behind. 
  • Curly hair types usually wash their hair less on average, causing more build up. 
  • Naturally more dry, curly hair will have a tendency to absorb more scents and chemicals from the air and water they come across ! 
  • Curly hair can use a clarifying shampoo 1-2 times per month followed by a deep moisture mask
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