How to Choose a Hair Mask!

It’s easier than you think. We’ll help you find your hair’s new bff!

Masks are great for rebalancing hair.

But don’t forget… The best mask of all is a mask that’s being used.

Although most people usually overlook them, masks are incredibly efficient and a great way to heal and protect your hair! As long as you make sure to select a professional product, you will get the best ingredients with the best possible results! 

It is important to know what your hair needs in order to get the best results!

It doesn’t have to be some gruelling, all night, cancel all your plans experience. Some masks act in as little as 3 minutes! However, if it requires 20 minutes rest time, don’t be lazy and cut corners (even though we totally get the desire to)! You will not get the results you want unless you follow the guidelines.


Fine hair :

  • Fine hair usually lacks protein. You can find out if this is the case for you by doing a strand test. We suggest AG Repair Mask or Redken Extreme Strength ! 
  • Make sure you don’t avoid your roots when using a protein mask! Don’t be afraid, it will not weigh down your hair.
  • Protein masks can in fact help with volume if you’re missing some va-va-voom! 


Medium hair : 


Thick hair :

  • Thick hair usually needs some all-out heavy moisture. Our favourite in this circumstance is Redken’s All Soft Mega Megamask!
  • Moisturizing masks also help hydrate the scalp – so give yourself a good head massage and a little love while you’re at it!


For all : 

  • If your hair is feeling pretty damaged, opt for a mask in the shower, instead of your usual conditioner.
  • If your hair is generally easy to handle and feels healthy, opt for a weekly deep treatment mask that stays in anywhere from 5-30 minutes to keep it shiny and strong!
  • Having a hair mask routine helps to keep the strength and moisture and will help prevent it from getting to a place of no return. 


Give your hair a hug by giving it a hair mask!

Happy Masking!

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