How To: Care for Your Hair In Fall/Winter

It’s no surprise that Winter is around the corner!

With colder weather we often get dry more brittle hair.

You may wonder why?

It’s a mix of the indoor heating that robs our bodies of moisture + the temperature change from inside to outside that causes our hair to dehydrate and feel rough to the touch.

Don’t fret though, because there are many solutions!

Step 1

Make sure you are using a moisturizing product!

Fine hair: Something light weight like Design.Me Fab.Me 
Medium hair: Something a little richer like AG Hair Fast Food (it smells like candy)
Thick or Curly hair: Something Heavier like AG Natural Rosehip Balm 

Step 2:

Make sure to seal the moisture in with an oil!
Contrary to popular belief oil does not moisturize hair, it is however a great sealer!

Fine to medium hair can use a light weight oil like Olaplex #7
Thick to curly hair can use a heavier oil like Afterworld Organics Coco Argan Oil! It’s fractioned so it’s still lighter than most but heavier than olaplex oil!

Step 3:

Use a color protecting mask weekly!
Why? Because color protecting products rebuild the lipid barrier on the hair, this is the layer responsible for color protection but also softness, shine and moisture retention!

Our favorite one is AG COLOUR SAVOR

Perfect for all hair types because it’s not too heavy!

Easy Peasy!

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