Learning is Fun!

One of our biggest values is continuing education.


Because being in a field that changes so much, we almost have no choice. Sometimes clients bring the trends to us, and sometimes we need to inspire our regular clients who tend to stay safe.

This industry can be draining too, constant comparison and trying to reach results of other well known artists can sometimesleave us feeling less than great. Education fills us up. When we feel like we aren’t getting the results we want or need an outside perspective, talking to other stylists helps us feel we aren’t alone <3

In the past 6 months we have all been learning a ton!


Among the list of classes we took:

Redken Color Basics
Mydentity Formulation
Living Proof Cutting Class
Max Gourge Balayage 2
Max Gourge Live on stage
Summit Salon Business


The hardest part of learning new color lines is understanding the

composition of each color. This is where education is VITAL because a 4N in one brand can be a different tonality in another.

We pride on taking at least 3-4 classes per year to stay relevant and inspired. This is why you will see educational highlights listed on each of our stylists page! Everyone should get the credit they deserve!

Feel free to entice your stylist to practice new skills on you by asking what they’ve learnt and what techniques can apply to you!




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