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First meet Shelby:

shelby monita resident blogger

 Hey there! My name is Shelby, I’m a creator and a writer, but you will get to know me as the Unlistd blogger.

I’m here to bring what I know about lifestyle, music, fashion, and anything else to you! What makes me qualified? That’s a good question. In my time bouncing around, hustling, working like the rest of us I have found myself managing an art gallery, working for fashion designers/photographers, making zines, conducting interviews for music magazines and much more. I’ve become friends with some incredible people and made sure to soak up every single experience. I’m thrilled to bring what I’ve learned in my experiences to Unlistd and to you. So let’s get started!


Hair Trends: The Mullet Shag Hybrid!

I want to focus on two major hair trends for Autumn 2020. What a year we are having, it’s been full of surprises and full of changes and these hair trends fit right. The surprise for the season is the triumphant return of the mullet! Or rather, the edgy, yet dignified lady mullet. Think Miley Cyrus in her latest 

miley cyrus shag hair mullet

video for “Midnight Sky.” You can dress it up or down without much fussing or fighting. A couple of years ago we saw the resurgence of the shag cut which is still very fashionable. Think of the 2020 mullet as the shag’s cooler, younger sister. The Solange to Beyonce. Unlike Beyonce, it’s not for everyone but those who get it swear by it.


Bring it on: Yellow!

The change that is coming for Autumn is the new “it” colour- yellow. Think Tweety Bird, crayola, New York taxi yellow. You can hide in a chunk under your hair at the back and give people a bit of a shock when you choose to show it, you can get chunky streaks framing your face, or if you need all the change in your life, just cover your entire head! This mod inspired trend pairs well with black lipstick and a pair of mary janes. Show the world you are ready for whatever 2020 brings you with hair that screams “I know what I want.”


Here you are, my favourite hair trends for Autumn 2020. I know this has been a whirlwind of a year and giving yourself a yellow mullet may not fix the world, but it might brighten up your life …both literally and figuratively. 


Until next time, stay authentically you!

<3 Shelby

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