FAQ: What Cut Would Suit My Face Shape?

Short Answer: We don’t believe face shape is THE most important factor in choosing a cut.

Long Answer:

Sadly there is so much insecurity around looking too round, too long, too wide, too anything. Society has us insecure with our shapes as a way to promote our consumption of “solutions”.

When it comes to beauty and morphology, there is an outdated trend that focuses on “balancing” faces. Example a larger forehead would be suggested bangs to visually shorten the space. However I can quickly debunk this as anyone can admit Rihanna has a larger forehead and yet her beauty is still obvious.

We like to say that the biggest factor to rocking any look is confidence. Specifically the confidence to make it work and enjoy it.

The best way to navigate your insecurities would be to figure out what silhouettes you are comfortable with and get comfortable asking for what you like! Or have a hairstylist help you out during a consultation.

It’s easy to google face shapes and any hair length to find great ways to navigate the plethora of variety we might want or have!

Open your mind, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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