FAQ: Do You Offer Student Discounts?

We often get this question asked as we do have a lot of bright and wonderful student clients. 

We understand the budgeting struggle is real when you are in college or university and living by the “work hard/play hard” mantra. This is why we offer multi-level pricing!

Instead of providing discounted services we suggest our budget conscious clients book with our Juniors or Level 1 stylists because their pricing is the lowest as they are still building their clientele. This way you can get the hair that matches your style with the price that matches your budget!

Does this mean Juniors or Level 1’s are less than stellar? Hell no, you can just expect them to take a bit more time and possibly ask our seniors some questions or advice. No matter what, we got you. No need to worry!

We currently offer 4 levels of pricing with an eventual array of 6.

Here’s how our current pricing model works:

Junior-level 1- level 2- level 3- level 4-

Between each level there is approximately a 10% increase in price. The levels increase based on a stylists demand, education and percentage of returning clients/sales.

Though we technically don’t have student discounts, you can download our loyalty app to get fast rewards, discounts or free products with us. Every $25 spend gets you a point and after 5 points you have free products or services available. You can even get “free points” for leaving a review, tagging us in a selfie, or referring a friend, there is even a birthday deal!

Now if that is not student friendly, we’re not sure what is.

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