FAQ: Do you do Keratin Treatments?

FAQ: Do you do Keratin Treatments?

We get asked this one a lot!

Unfortunately, no.

Since we are a small space, it is not possible for us to comfortably do these treatments. If this is something you want to do, please do your research and see a specialist. We want to make sure your money is well spent and your hair is taken care of.

We would love to give you a recommendation, however most treatments we know of tend to have mixed reviews. In this case Google will be your bff for finding the right salon for you.

Are you wondering what is a Keratin treatment?

It is a treatment/service that is done to smooth and straighten very curly or thick hair. Hopefully by doing this hair can be more chill and manageable, cutting down styling time and leaving more time for Instagram! 

We know we aren’t experts and want you to have all the facts, so here is this great article here with an in depth description. We hope this helps your hair journey with Keratin!

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