FAQ: Boys Edition

Hey boooyyyyssssss !!

Let’s be honest : women and men’s hair is the same fabric!! Certain products are marketed to men, mostly because the scent is stereotypically masculine! Cutting through all the B.S., we are going to share some misconceptions and where to start if you are new at caring for your hair! 




  • I have a dry scalp but it’s not dandruff. Any tips?


If you are using pharmacy products, it’s probably build up. Most pharmacy products leave a silicone residue that tends to end up flaky! Try switching to professional, start with a clarifying shampoo like our triple detox charcoal one. This will help remove and rebalance. Once finished you can switch to a balancing shampoo!

If it’s not build up, it might be that you are not using a conditioner! Some shampoos tend to be very drying! Conditioners rebalance the ph of the scalp & hair after the wash which simply means it hydrates.

Lastly, maybe you wash too often? You should only wash your hair 1-3 times a week, maximum! If it’s more, make sure to skip a day and start aiming for less. However washing 1-2 times a week might require back to back washes. Lather rinse and repeat to make sure its well done! 

Lasty, It could also be your styling product (gel, paste or wax) that isn’t washing out properly. Your best bet is to start using the clarifying shampoo and maybe switch out your styling product if the problem persists!



  • My hair is really thick & curly, I’m growing it longer! What products should I invest in? 


Wash less, condition more! Use a leave-in conditioner to combat puffiness, and use a flexible creme to define and control the waves! Our go tos would be Redken Frizz Dismiss Leave-in Cream or AG’s Rosehip Balm  on top of the previously mentioned products!



  • I like when my hair strands “stick together” with no static or free strands all over the place! I don’t know what to buy! 


If you like a matte natural look go with this paste. If you want more obviously styled finish go with this one. If you like a shiny almost greasy look go with pomade.  Or a paste somewhere between all that, Medium Hold Styling Creme by Eleven!


We are loving that more and more males and male identifying folks are opting for long hair & embracing its natural texture! Since this is a newer trend for those who usually opted for short fades, there is a learning curve to washing and styling! We suggest first investing in shampoo & conditioner and one styling product! 


General rules


You need to pick your shampoo & conditioner based on your hair type! 


Fine hair will need products that are thickening, volumizing or texturizing.


Medium to thick hair will require products that are hydrating or frizz fighting.


Don’t be lazy ! Skipping the conditioner will only leave your locks puffy! The longer your hair gets, the more moisture and care it needs!


As for frequency of washing : Less is more!! One to two times a week is ideal, but feel free to wet it in between washes !


Most of the trending looks are avoiding gels right now because of the rigid look. Gel is also more maintenance as you will need to wash it out daily or it will leave alot or residue! But there are always exceptions, if you like the gel look then why not?! 


How to grow out your short buzz cut to a longer ‘do ! 

Clients have a tendency to believe that they have to suffer through it and let it grow out painfully into an awkward high school skater boy cut, but that’s not true! It’s important to get your stylist on board with where you want your cut to be! There are so many ways to transition it nicely!! Let us show you the way, just keep your appointments more spread a part say every 2-3 months? 🙂 


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