Spotify Playlists For All Your Vibes

Well if you’re anything like us, you struggle to find a damn playlist. We’ve shared with in this article some tips, and now we’ve made our own! We’ve got a small team but a wide range of music interests! For a Kelsey Vibe: Pop Punk Throwbacks For a Kailey Vibe: Easy Breezy Rock n Pop […]

Our Post Covid Price Increase is ACTUALLY a Good Thing

As you have probably noticed we never do things for the sake of doing them, or because everyone is doing it. The Post Covid world is different. And not only that, but some of the required protocols will be here to stay. MORE TIME! Haircuts: We have shifted the shortest haircut time to 45 minutes. […]

No Shame In Our Hair Game

We’ve heard it all, from hairstylists that have made you cry to those that bash your last haircut & we are here to say: It’s NOT OKAY!! It’s a cop out to lower someone in order to appear bigger and we just aren’t having it. We just want to make it clear that we don’t […]

Getting Back to a New Normal

As you might have noticed on our Instagram we are in the midst of a shift towards a low/non toxic, slower beauty experience. We are excited to announce our changes as we know you will appreciate the new normal just as much as us. We just recently ordered a professional salon air purifier that will […]

Why We Encourage Loyalty

Loyalty is the most valuable commodity in this industry.   It is said that the average salon has just a 23% repeat business. So you can imagine why building a clientele is near impossible.  It’s no surprise that many large retailers offer loyalty systems. if salons have such low retention, you could imagine a pharmacy […]

Our Employee Ethics

Ever wonder… How beauty professionals get paid? How to tip properly? Do stylists get a vacation pay or sick days? Today, we are going to feed some of your curiosities and explain the ins and outs of the salon industry. We all have ethics on our minds these days, from bringing our own tote bags […]

Our Green Agenda

Our Green Agenda

Our Green Agenda Everyone is thinking about the planet, and so are we. We all appreciate this big, blue planet we call home. That’s why at Unlistd we are committed to doing everything we can to limit waste at our salon.    This might blow your mind, but did you know hair when left in […]

Assistants are a Win Win!

Who are hair assistants? Ever wondered why you booked with one stylist but have another person touching your hair? Here at Unlistd we have a training system that puts “assistants” and juniors working 1:1 with our most experienced stylists. We truly don’t believe in having juniors just shampoo  & clean while hoping they pick up […]

Learning is Fun!

One of our biggest values is continuing education. Why? Because being in a field that changes so much, we almost have no choice. Sometimes clients bring the trends to us, and sometimes we need to inspire our regular clients who tend to stay safe. This industry can be draining too, constant comparison and trying to […]