Assistants are a Win Win!

Who are hair assistants?

Ever wondered why you booked with one stylist but have another person touching your hair?

Here at Unlistd we have a training system that puts “assistants” and juniors working 1:1 with our most experienced stylists.

We truly don’t believe in having juniors just shampoo  & clean while hoping they pick up on our skills! We know that motivation to do hair fades if all you are doing is cleaning.

This is why we put juniors to work along side our most experienced/in demand stylists. This helps these stylist get more clients in a day while teaching both the junior and the guest about the techniques and results they are about to receive.

It’s also great because if ever your favorite stylist is busy, you can book with the junior at a discounted rate. Great for root touch ups or color refreshes 🙂

As always if you have any concerns please discuss with your stylist 🙂

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